Psilocybin Retreat in a Spanish Castle
Experience a transformative experience accompanied by a team of therapists and coaches who specialize in working with psychedelics at Spain’s #1 premium retreat center
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26 people
Premium single and double rooms
complete solitude with yourself and your inner world away from the city
8 days
You will have 3 ceremonies within a week of retreat
3 ceremonies
Unique ayurvedic light food full of fruits, vegetables and nuts
42 practices
for the well-being of the body, psyche, and mood pass within a week
7 дней
The mission of our team is to help people improve themselves, get out from phisical and mental problems and open new parts of themselves through ancient natural medicine.
Our retreats are an unforgettable journey inside yourself and a complete reset of your nervous system
We combine years of wisdom and advanced research
we are a retreat center
The retreat program is designed to address the most important issues
Do you periodically have thoughts that you don’t understand how to live your life? What do you want to do, how to release yourself? Fears of loss of earnings or lack of achievements? With the help of the retreat program you will be able to work through and get rid of such fears and worries.
«fears and worries»
If you have a glass ceiling in one of the areas of life, beyond which you can not go — after the full passage of our program you will see where this supposedly insurmountable barrier came from and how to break it.
«glass ceiling»
«age crisis»
Even if you’re bored with your whole life
and you’re feeling what is commonly called a "mid-life crisis" — At the retreat you can find your new way in life, which will give you back the strength to go to your personal goals, without noticing the obstacles.
If lately you are often burnt out, sick of your work and do not want to do anything — the retreat will give you a breath of fresh air, help you to see the main reasons for this condition and find a way to regain the strength to live.
98% of retreat participants solve their problems
Open your heart and feel love
Finding a sense of happiness
Energy restoration
Reboot of the nervous system

Unleashing creativity
Gaining confidence
A sense of harmony with life
Improved work efficiency
Anxiety and depression
The ability to enjoy life
The problem of self-acceptance
Find yourself, your purpose
The search for inspiration
Improved self-esteem
Our retreat center is located in a cozy castle on top of the mountain
For your safety and comfort, we have assembled a team
of professionals
medical staff members
coaches for comprehensive personal development
therapists from the field of natural medicine
sitters, overseeing the safety of the ceremony
masters of various practices from 10 countries
Elena Demchenko
Ekaterina Okishor
Katarina Baliova
Richard Doyle
Tina "Kat" Courtney
Teutli Miranda
Juan Ignacio Sinich
Margarita Berezhnaya
Vladimir Gribachev
Denis Balykhin
Andrey Berezhny
Roberto Matios
Celestina Vela
Irina Pustovgar
Funder, Natural Medicine Researcher and Evangelist
In 2018, during a difficult and prolonged crisis in my life, I "accidentally" went to a natural medicine retreat in Peru with some business acquaintances. This decision was prompted by watching an interview with Sting about Ayahuasca (by the way, here it is: To say that this trip changed me and my life is nothing! I got answers to ALL my questions, saw points of personal and spiritual growth, literally created a new version of myself. Gone from my life: improper diet, various addictions, alcohol, 10 pounds of excess weight. Depression and anxiety went away, my attitude toward myself and others changed for the better. I finally understood why I was living, what I was living for and how this world worked. Six months later I went to Peru for the second time, and I had one clear goal in mind: to find my purpose in life. At the third ceremony it came to me. I clearly saw and realized that I want to help other people, I want to make their lives better, I want to act as a guide in overcoming difficult situations in life, and I want to endlessly develop myself and improve myself.
Master of Herbal Medicine, Sound Healer
Originally from northern Mexico. Teutli began her spiritual journey at the age of 16, when she felt a connection with the Great Spirit and an awakening of consciousness. For a long time Teutli lived in Peru, where she worked as a facilitator in retreat centers and perfected her practice of herbal medicine. Teutli's magical voice is impossible to forget, she is wonderful with musical instruments and conducts sound healing therapy sessions.
Master of herbal medicine, psychedelic coach
Huang is a master of herbal medicine. He has more than 10 years of experience in herbal medicine. In recent years, he has studied the healing arts of shamans. Juan Ignacio practices meditation and reiki. He believes that his purpose in life is to serve people in the healing process.
Psychotherapist, San Pedro Guide
Sanson founded the Spanish Psychedelic Society in 2016, 3 years after his mystical experience with the San Pedro cactus. Since 2013, he has been working to bring psychedelics, herbal medicines and psychedelic therapy into the public domain. Sanson is a psychedelic psychotherapist and has also studied psychedelic integration and medical cannabis.
Sanson has been guiding people through psychedelic experiences for 10 years and has been experimenting with psychedelics since 1995. He has traveled all over the world to develop his knowledge of plants and therapies. In India, at the age of 18, he discovered the practice of yoga and meditation.
Over the years he has developed his own style and technique of performing psychedelic ceremonies in which he combines music, songs and vibrations to evoke higher states.
He is keenly aware of how important the setting of the ceremony is so that participants feel calm and comfortable, and that extraneous distractions are kept to a minimum.
Experience Integration Specialist, Mindfulness Coach
Courtney's wild and wonderful journey with herbal medicine began in 2006 when she came to SpiritQuest in the Peruvian jungle to begin her healing journey. At the time, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, bouts of devastating depression and anxiety so severe that she was hospitalized several times.
Her first journey with Ayahuasca awakened her to the realization that despite what the doctors were telling her, she could be stable, happy and strong. Over the course of two cycles (7 ceremonies), Kat was ready to devote her life to the study of shamanism. Kat trained for almost 12 years, participating in hundreds and hundreds of plant ceremonies. To date, she has completed 19 master plant diets, including a 9 month diet and a full year deep dive, and has held a Master level Reiki certification for over a decade.
Kat now spills her medicine many times a year in places like Peru and Costa Rica, conducting [master plant diets] ( both in person and remotely, helps with preparation and integration of psychedelics and important life events as a shamanic coach. She has also received her Death Doula certification from the Institute for Conscious Dying to be able to create ceremonial experiences for those undergoing transition. Kat is also the author of "[The Plant Medicine Mystery School Vol. 1 - The Superhero Healing Powers of Psychotropic Plants]
Experience Integration Specialist, Mindfulness Coach
Richard Doyle, Ph.D., is the Edwin Earl Sparks Professor in the College of Liberal Arts at Pennsylvania State University, where he has taught since 1994. Since reading the work of futurist Alvin Toffler at the age of twelve, Doyle has been engaged in scholarly and personal pursuits to understand the impact of information technology on the evolution of human culture and consciousness.  In 2019, Doyle founded [Metanoia Press] ( along with producer Suzanne Winters, to share the treasures of syncretic nondual practices for letting go of the old world and the birth of the new.
Doyle is the recipient of numerous awards, including grants from the National Science Foundation, the Mellon Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association. Mobius offers individual and collective dialogue for integrating non-divine states, cultivating cannabis as a teacher plant, exploring non-divinity through poetics and sound, chanting and meditation. Professor Doyle is a member of the Lifeboat Foundation and other global conspiracies of goodness.
A guide to herbal medicine, a sound-healer
Katharina's first connection with sound and music began at an early age when she studied music, art and cultural traditions. For the past 8 years she has been working with ancestral medicines, assisting and conducting ceremonies with Peyote, Ayahuasca, Rape, San Pedro and Cambo. She shares ancestral teachings in healing circles of fire and water, accompanying her singing with the wisdom of the sacred elements and the teachings of the inky wheel of medicine. Katharina currently performs concerts and singing circles, sacred rituals, circles of fire and water, connecting with the moon and the elements, sharing ancestral knowledge with the intention of connecting with the sounds of our ancestors and the spirit within.

She works with pressure points in the muscles in connection with energy vortices in the body, unblocking and relieving any injuries and muscle blockages. In her holistic treatments, she establishes a deep connection with the body - balancing the aura and healing the chakras using natural oils and aromatherapy that she makes from healing plants. She is trained in Reiki healing and works with crystals and sound therapy as part of her treatments.
Kuraka, Conductor of Kambo
Camilo is a Curaca and custodian of the traditional and ancestral wisdom of the indigenous communities of Colombia, who has been studying this knowledge for over 13 years. He has traveled his journey with different indigenous grandfathers, collecting ancestral knowledge from wise people who have shared with him history, teachings, practices, experiences, traditions and medicines with great passion and love for passing on the ancestral heritage.
Camilo began his journey 6 years ago, working with ancient and millennial plants with indigenous communities and wise ones from Colombia, Peru and Brazil, during this time Camilo has worked and learned closely with Ayahuasca/Yaga, Mamba, Tabaco, Ambil, Cambo, Yemuru, Rappe and other medicinal plants.
Camilo has permission from his indigenous guides and Taitis to share Ayahuasca / Yage, Kambo, Rappe, Mambe, Tabacco, Ambil, Yemuru to be at the service of people who need help in their spiritual, mental and biological healing process.
Psychotherapist and psychedelic coach
The connection with nature and plants from childhood was due to the very birth that took place in nature, under a tree. As an adult, this connection was strengthened by classes in yoga, meditation, healing practices, reiki and others.
The first Ayahuasca experience was at age 22. Feeling the "Call of Ayahuasca," I went through my first ceremonies in Peru, during which I received answers to all the questions that were of interest at the time.
After that there was a real desire to study the influence of Ayahuasca on the human psyche and to deepen this knowledge in her experience. Since then more than 60 ceremonies with Ayahuasca and other herbal medicine have taken place: Cambo, Bufo, San Pedro, Changa and others.
Educated at the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy WAPP center. She has been working with power plants and different traditions of Peru and Brazil for more than 6 years.
Transformational Coach, Theta Helper
Certified ThetaHealing practitioner, parapsychologist-healer, transformational coach, Reiki practitioner of the traditional Mikao Usui school.
Elena has held more than 500 in-depth, consciousness-transforming sessions.
More than 200 solved requests on the following topics: self-realization, finding the balance in life, financial growth, development of talents and unique abilities, working with genetic programs and limiting beliefs.
In her work Elena combines psychological techniques, hypnotherapy and energy practices and helps to gently integrate the psychedelic into daily life.
Elena's motto: "When your dreams are stronger than your fears, they will begin to come true!"
Ayurvedic Chef
Eating right and healthy doesn't mean a boring menu and avoiding tasty dishes. On the contrary! It implies a balance, which can be achieved by eating different foods and as much as the body requires. Whole grains (bread, porridges) vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts and seeds, fish. You can make a lot of tasty dishes from all of this. I am a professional cook, I like cooking and I have been doing it for a long time. I enjoy it, and if people like my dishes, I'm happy!) I cook with love and I give them a piece of my love, maybe that's what magic is... After 8 years of living in Spain, I got to know its cuisine, the cuisine of Latin America, Turkey. Everyone that I met on my journey through life was pleased with everything I prepared. I'm still learning. And how without sweets, because they can also be healthy and delicious! Chocolate, candy, desserts, cakes. And all this can be made from natural and healthy products without sugar, gluten or preservatives.
Shipibo-Konibo Shaman
Celestina grew up in the Amazon rainforest near Pucallpa, Peru, in the Shipibo tribe, the oldest successor to the Jungle medicine heritage. At the age of 20, Celestina began studying Ayahuasca under the guidance of her father and grandfather, the Masters of Medicine. Through years of special diets, studying healing plants and gaining knowledge of how to work with plants, Celestina became a true Maestro of medicine. She has dedicated her life to this healing journey and now shares her skill and experience of over 40 years. Celestina is highly regarded throughout the world of shamanic medicine as a powerful healer. She has helped countless people who have come to Peru for healing from many countries and has traveled the world. Her ancient knowledge and beautiful Icaros are strong and pure, always guarding her focus and intentions for higher service to humanity. Celestina is a kindest soul, full of light.
Shipibo-Konibo Shaman
Roberto Matios is a Master Healer, a shaman of plant medicine. Roberto was born in Santa Isabel, a small village along the Ucayali River in the Amazon rainforest. Roberto was born into the most ancient Ayahuasca wisdom family, the Shipibo tribe, and began his training at age 9 under the guidance of his grandfather. Roberto is now 50 years old and has been practicing jungle medicine for over 40 years. His devotion and offerings have given him the power of Icaros and the gift of being a healer. He is a charismatic shaman who loves to share his hereditary recipes with the world. He is respected in the shamanic world of Peru. His Icaros are full of power and bring peace to those around him. He works with the wisdom of many plants, he has been on a diet since childhood to have the strength to keep all this wisdom. Roberto has shared his medicine in various centers. He keeps his soul clean and happy so he can share his recipes more easily. He has been working with Maestro Celestina for 6 years and together they create a safe and powerful medicine.
Shipibo-Konibo Shaman
Saul is a unique shaman; he got his power to heal people from his famous curandero mother Celestina Vela. Saul began studying Medicine at age 9, followed a shamanic diet from age 11, and began healing people at age 19. Saul represents the Spirit of the Colibri, considered by the Amazon Indians to be a messenger of Love. Saul's protector and patron is his personal, unique and powerful Icaros, which he received from the Plant Spirits during his shamanic diet. Saul's soul unites the wisdom of the ancient traditions he represents through the lineage of the Shipibo Konibo shamans. His powerful energy makes Ikaros move through his entire being and it is a true dance of the cosmic healer.
Plant Medicine Facilitator, Sound Healer
Received an initiation into working with Rape medicine from a Mexican master. Second Degree Reiki.
Facilitator of Ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms with 5 years of experience. Yoga teacher 7 years.
Musician, plays guitar, has passed initiations on work with shamanic tambourine. Expert in Om Meditation.
Percussionist musician, sound healer
Denis is a professional percussionist musician. For 15 years he has been playing drums, and for 5 years he has been teaching percussion and drums. For 2 years he has been actively playing khang, giving master-classes concerts on this magically beautiful instrument. Musically accompanies cocoa and tea ceremonies and various events.
Denis learned the mastery of soundhing in Spain from masters from Mexico and Argentina. Denis has a special approach and each session of sound meditation is unique. Soundhing harmonizes the restless mind, relaxes every cell of the body and increases the overall vibration of the person. As a result every participant of sound sessions with Denis gets a feeling of rebirth.
Master of Cocoa Ceremonies and Yoga
Master of cocoa ceremonies. Conducted more than 200 ceremonies in different countries from Bali to Spain. Instructor of hatha yoga, women's yoga and osteopathic gymnastics. Practices visceral massage and nail standing.
Support Manager
Head of the support department of the Sakrouna Retreat Center. I am engaged in optimization of business processes of the company. Favorite hobbies: nutrition, choreography, yoga, sports. Certified health and fitness trainer. Runs a sports blog on Instagram:
An expert and guide to natural medicine
My name is Vladimir, for several years I have been searching for an opportunity to solve the issues of mental and physical health. Through the example of tens of thousands of people came to understand the value of tools of natural medicine. The result of the practical application of these tools in the retreat center Sacruna, inspired to help all who wish to direct the intention to work with themselves. In communication with medicine, I have undergone hundreds of practices and ceremonies - Rape, Kambo, Sananga, San Pedro, Madre Ayahuasca, Bufo, Psilocybin Mushrooms. I am also a practitioner and practitioner of the natural medicine of Rapeh and Sapo, which purifies the mental and physical health through deep detoxification and rebooting of the most important aspects of our body. My work at Sacruna Retreat is totally synergistic with my life philosophy of helping people with an open mind and of bringing the value of natural tools to all who need them.
Consultant in herbal medicine
Reiki practitioner of the 2nd stage for 7 years. Specialist in Ayurveda. Practitioner of yoga and meditation.
Testimonials from the participants of our retreats
We accept participation only after the contact with our therapist
It's important for us to know your expectations, understand your intentions and priorities, and determine your readiness for the retreat
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"If you don’t know where you want to go, then what difference does it make which way you go?"
— Cheshire cat, Lewis Carroll
We've compiled answers
to the most common questions
Is it legal to use psilocybin mushrooms at a retreat?
No retreat participant is breaking the law by taking psilocybin mushrooms, because it takes place in Spain. Under the laws of the Kingdom of Spain, psychotropic substances of natural and synthetic origin are decriminalized. That is, public distribution is prohibited, but private consumption is allowed. Since the retreat participants are out of town in the closed area of the castle, it is considered a private practice and therefore completely legal.
Is it safe for the psyche?
According to statistics, 97.3% are not at risk when using psilocybin. If your mental state is unstable or has a predisposition to such risks, it is possible. That's why we first take all potential retreat participants through counseling with a psychotherapist. If a participant's psyche has a risk of not coping, then we will inform them and not allow them to go on the retreat.
What are the odds of experiencing a bad trip?
First it is important to understand the nature of bad trips. What is it? It is when your attention goes completely to some problem, external or internal stimulus, and as a consequence a panic attack begins. Basically, this condition occurs in people just because of prior anxiety. When there is a high probability of getting badtrip: - if a person did not feel comfortable before taking mushrooms - if the use was not conscious, without some kind of moral readiness - if before taking mushrooms were initially doubt, worry, or distrust. But if you take mushrooms in a good mood, with a conscious attitude, with full confidence in the place and everything that is happening - then the possibility of catching badtrip is absent. The most important thing - a relaxed psyche, absence of constraint, tension, doubts. That is why the program of our retreat consists of 70% of different kinds of practices - bodily, spiritual and spiritual. And for additional measures during your trip there are sitters in the room - specialists who monitor the state of the participants and provide support in case of signs of anxiety.
What happens if I do get into a bad trip?
This has never happened before in our practice. At a minimum, because only people who are not predisposed get to go on retreats. Also, because we provide the maximum number of measures for the comfortable condition of people. But for such an eventuality, we will have a team of medical professionals at the retreat who will help come out of the trip with the help of medicines. We have made every effort to ensure that all participants are completely safe.
Why exactly is psilocybin used?
Because it is a powerful tool for delving into the conscious and subconscious mind. The effectiveness of mushrooms is confirmed by many research institutes around the world. If you would like to know more details from scientific research, follow the link below to a separate page on our website with this information.
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Healing people from physical and mental problems with the help of psychedelic natural medicine

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